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CARD, Centre for Arctic Resource Development, is a medium- to long-term Research & Development initiative dedicated to responsible, cost-effective hydrocarbon development in Arctic regions.

New and Noteworthy

New CARD Chair in Ice Mechanics

Memorial University’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science has a new research chair. Dr. Rocky Taylor has been appointed the new CARD (Centre for Arctic Resource Development) Chair in Ice Mechanics.


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Development of Ice Ridge Keel Strength

DIRKS test program completed!






The Development of Ice Ridge Keel Strength (DIRKS) project is a four-year collaborative venture between C‑CORE’s Centre for Arctic Resource Development (CARD) and the National Research Council’s – Ocean, Coastal & River Engineering (NRC-OCRE).  The test portion of the program was competed in Spring 2013. Analysis of the data gathered is ongoing.

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DIRKS Test Frame

The ice keels were tested using a custom-built frame, which simulates an ice keel gouging into the seabed. 

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Ice Rubble for DIRKS keels

Apr 26, 2013 D R Greene CARD

Approximately 12.5 tons of freshwater ice was produced to make each ice keel for the DIRKS keel test program.

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Building Ice Keels

Apr 26, 2013 DR Greene CARD

Constructing ice keels for the DIRKS test program

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Arctic Research Positions Available

Feb 09, 2014

CARD has a specific mandate to attract world-class expertise, to foster rising research stars and to develop the next generation of arctic experts.

We are seeking to hire a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant and four Graduate Students to work with our highly skilled team of engineers and scientists. If you have excellent technical skills and are self-motivated, an excellent communicator and a team player, then one of these positions may be for you.

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Arctic Development Roadmap Completed

Dec 04, 2012

CARD's Arctic Development Roadmap (ADR) project identified, organized and prioritized key R&D issues requiring work to advance knowledge, technology, methodology and training needed for Arctic oil and gas development.

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In Focus

Arctic Development


CARD's Arctic Development Roadmap (ADR) project identified, organized and prioritized key R&D issues.

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Structuring programs

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