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CARD, Centre for Arctic Resource Development, is a medium- to long-term Research & Development initiative dedicated to responsible, cost-effective hydrocarbon development in Arctic regions.

CARD & C-CORE Share Arctic Expertise at ATC 2014

C-CORE and its centre of excellence, LOOKNorth and CARD (the Centre for Arctic Resource Development) have just returned from a highly successful participation in this year’s Arctic Technology Conference (ATC 2014), held in uncharacteristically snow-sprinkled Houston, Texas this February 10-12. C-CORE and CARD researchers presented seven technical papers across three separate sessions attended by some 1500 delegates. The topics represent the breadth and depth of arctic expertise housed within C-CORE, including its technical strengths in ice engineering, geotechnical engineering and remote sensing. LOOKNorth used the opportunity of the associated Arctic Technology Exhibition – viewed by over 10,000 visitors from 23 countries - to showcase the successes of its Technology Validation Programme, which promotes remote sensing innovation in support of safe and sustainable development of Canada’s northern natural resources.

Modeled on the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) but focusing specifically on the unique and complex challenges of the burgeoning arctic arena, the Arctic Technology Conference (ATC) has quickly become an important annual event on the international oil and gas calendar.  ATC offers a highly-specialized technical program featuring papers that present the emerging technologies and innovative practices needed to advance oil and gas exploration and production in one of the harshest and most sensitive environment on Earth. The   C-CORE/CARD/LOOKNorth delegation took in five highly-informative technical sessions, as well as presenting their own work.  C-CORE is proud to have once again showed leadership in arctic innovation by presenting its research to the international engineering and technology community.

The complete list of C-CORE and CARD papers presented at ATC 2014 are shown in the table below.

Session & Papers

Monday 14:00– 17:10  

 Ice Loads: Analytical and Model Testing I  ~  Grand Ballroom A

An Implementation of ISO 19906 Formulae for Ice Loads on Fixed Structures  within a Probablistic Framework using the Sea Ice Loads Software                                                  

 ~ M. Richard, M. Fuglem, A. King  

The Development of Ice Ridge Keel Strengths (DIRKS)                         

~ E. Bailey, J. Bruce, A. Derradji, M. Lau

Tuesday  09:00-12:10

Ice Loads: Analytical and Model Testing II: Grand Ballroom A

Influence of Wave-Induced Heave Motions of Icebergs on Risks to Subsea Equipment  

~ M. Fuglem, F. Ralph

Wednesday  09:00-12:10

Ice Loads: Analytical and Model Testing III  ~  Grand Ballroom A

Global and Local Iceberg Loads for an Arctic Floater                    

~ I. Jordaan, P. Stuckey, P. Liferov, F. Ralph

First Year Ice Rubble: Shear Resistance and Rock Berm Interaction      

~ R. Phillips, R. MacAffee, J. Barrett

Methodologies for a Combined Local and Global Ice Pressure Estimation Based on a Probablistic Model of  High Pressure Zone Behaviour Derived from Field Data                                            

~ R.S. Taylor, M. Richard

Wednesday  14:00-16:20

Ice Management and Navigation  ~  Grand Ballroom C

Ice Hazard Assessment for Offshore Operations                          

 ~ M. Brown, P. Stuckey, M. Fuglem, A. King